Naval and Maritime Libraries and Archives Group

November 2014

The Naval and Maritime Libraries and Archives Group is an informal non-profit making network of organisations that hold library and archive collections on naval and maritime history in the UK and promote the subject and information sources to the public.

The organisations cover a wide range of sectors from museums, public libraries, academic institutions and government and commercial organisations. The network enables staff to exchange information on events, new materials and good practice to ensure the public can be directed to the most appropriate or alternative sources of information for their research.

The various archives can be searched through the following links.

  1. The Bodlean Library, Oxford
  2. The Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth
  3. The Fleet Air Arm Museum
  4. The Caird library, Greenwich
  5. Lloyd’s Register
  6. The Brunel Institute, Bristol.
  7. The National Archives
  8. The Medway Archives
  9. Chatham Dockyard
  10. British Antarctic Survey


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