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December 2022

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18 Jan  Dr Ben Redding The First Voyage of the Gloucester (1654-56): Life and Death in the Caribbean

The public announcement of the finding of the Gloucester shipwreck in June 2022 off North Norfolk, originally lost in May 1682, has attracted both national and international attention. This paper looks at the wider career of the Gloucester by focusing on its first major voyage to the Caribbean during the Cromwellian Commonwealth. It shows that the Gloucester’s significance to history expands beyond the shipwreck; it was also an important asset to British war efforts and geopolitics in the Caribbean. Exploring the experiences of the Gloucester’s crew, it reveals how they faced extreme physical and mental hardships in an unforgiving environment.

Dr Benjamin Redding is Senior Research Associate on the Gloucester Project at the University of East Anglia. Together with Professor Claire Jowitt, he is writing a cradle-to-grave history of the historically and culturally significant seventeenth-century warship.

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