Ships Clocks and Stars, NMM Greenwich

November 2014

The latest exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich only runs until 5 January so make sure that you get there in the next few weeks.

To mark the 300th anniversary of the passing of the Longitude Act in July 1714, this landmark exhibition tells the extraordinary story of the race to determine longitude (east-west position) at sea, helping to solve the problem of navigation and saving seafarers from terrible fates including shipwreck and starvation.

For those interested in the history of longitude, the Navy Records Society’s dedicated online publication site NavyRecordsOnline has this month posted a piece about the bell of HMS Association, Admiral Cloudesley Shovell’s flagship at the Scilly Isles disaster of 1707, the mass shipwreck which kicked off the competition to solve the problem of longitude.




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