July 2017

The society is delighted to announce that John Hattendorf, former Ernest J KingProfessor of Maritime History at the US Naval War College, Rhode Island, is the first recipient of the award for lifetime achievement in memory of Dr R C Anderson. For twenty years, the society, specifically through its Research and Programmes committee, has awarded an annual medal for the best book published in a given calendar year; the new award, which will be made on an occasional basis, recognises a lifetime’s contribution that might not necessarily be measured in a quantity of traditionally published books. The criteria for the new award stipulate:

The award may be given for a substantial body of published work, which could encompass one or more of the following types of ‘publication’: traditionally published books; editing of part works or journals; a significant number of articles in one or more journals, with preference being given to recognising publication in The Mariner’s Mirror; e-books; local studies, such as of a particular area or type of craft; online publishing, such as websites, blogs and podcasts.

John Hattendorf’s work amply fulfils these criteria, and the Research and Programmes committee was unanimous and enthusiastic in its choice. As the citation states,

There are few scholars, if any, who have made a greater impact on the fields of maritime history and strategy covering a broad period from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century. The extraordinary extent of his work can be easily found on the internet.  It would be otiose to repeat it here. Rather than one great work Professor Hattendorf has contributed constructively to a mass of material that is remarkable both for its extent and its significance. Not least of his contributions has been his contribution to analysing the evolving methodology of nautical research.

Professor Hattendorf will be presented with his medal at the first conference the society has co-organised, and will deliver a keynote address on that occasion. Held on 9 September at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, in conjunction with the Greenwich Maritime Centre, the conference will discuss ‘The State of Maritime Historical Research’, and the other keynotes will be provided by Professors Eric Grove and Richard Harding. Further details of the conference can be found on both the SNR and GMC websites, and places at it can be booked here



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