SNR Forum Re-Launch

April 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Society’s Forum, once a major hub of international nautical scholarship, has now been re-launched.

Since its foundation in 1910, the Society has taken great pride in holding lively debate on all issues of nautical scholarship and research for the interest and benefit of amateur and professional historians alike.

To cater for as wide a variety of interests as possible, whilst retaining the potential for specific chronological interest and specialisation, there are now four separate forums:

1. Nautical Research: Prehistory and Middle Ages

2. Nautical Research: 1500-1830

3. Nautical Research: 1830-Present Day

4. Nautical Research: Miscellaneous

Users may subscribe to one, any, or all of these separate Forums and it is very much hoped that the Society will be able to further specialise in the future in response to demand.

Within these Forums, each individual Topic has also been ‘tagged’ according to certain subjects – for example ‘seamanship’, ‘figureheads’ or ‘submarines’ –  to allow users to browse the posts by subject. A keyword search is also available.

The archive of past discussions already holds some excellent material including:

Full Members of the SNR receive automatic access to the Forum and simply log in as usual, but it is now possible to become a ‘Forum Member’ for free by joining here.

Please join in and become one of the many voices who choose to share their knowledge and interest in nautical research with the world.

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