The Society’s First Ever Conference: 9 September, Greenwich.

August 2017

The Society for Nautical Research’s inaugural conference will be held at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, on 9 September 2017. The conference features some of the world’s leading maritime and naval scholars. An outline of the day’s events can be downloaded here. The conference will also include the Presentation of the SNR Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tickets are only £25. Please book  at

Over the past few decades there has been significant debate as to the place and shape of maritime history. In January 2008, the Council of the American Historical Association approved unanimously to add ‘Maritime, including Naval’ to its taxonomy of academic specialties. But since then, it has been suggested that the field has been marginalised.  Or does the growth of new areas of interest – such as the study of port towns, the ‘Atlantic World,’ Coastal History, and the role of gender in maritime history – suggest a flourishing, if more diverse, environment? What is the state of health in other research-orientated maritime activities such as public history and heritage?

The conference will bring together key contributors from within the broad field of maritime history, as well as those who write on maritime and coastal topics, but do not consider themselves maritime historians. Papers and key discussion points will be published in hard copy and/or online by the Society of Nautical Research.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

  • Professor John Hattendorf
  • Professor Eric Grove
  • Professor Richard Harding

Programme Themes

  • Maritime History and Education: Maritime History Before
  • New Disciplinary Horizons
  • Maritime History and Museum Curation
  • Maritime History and Regional Horizons

NB: There will be a nominal fee of £25 for the conference. Please book  at


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