Ten Pound Island Book Company

October 2014

The Ten Pound Island Book Company, an American bookseller specialising in old, rare and out of print books, manuscripts and charts pertaining to the sea has just published its latest list.

This list is composed of selections from the library of a retired naval officer and items from the collection of a gentleman on the west coast. The officer in question is also a gentleman, and as far as I know, the gentleman was never anything less than a gentleman. The list of their holdings features, as you might expect, some handsome books, documents, and ephemeral items dealing with British and American naval history. There are also some terrific manuscript items, including privateering and whaling logs – but most notably, the journal of an American trader in the Arctic bartering with the natives for whalebone, teeth, furs, oil, and whatever else he can scrounge up. He draws a map of his territory in the Bering Strait, makes lists of Inuit words and chiefs, and records the cannibalistic career of an old shipmate.

You can read the list by following the link here.

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