The Cunard Line’s 175th Anniversary

May 2015

The 175th anniversary celebrations of the Cunard Line have been most impressive and have captured the attention and imagination of the public, particularly with the ‘Three Queens’ – the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 – sailing in convoy up the Mersey.

Conscious of the scope and significance of their history, the Cunard Line has also made an impressive short video exploring its 175 years.

For those interested in exploring this history, there are several interesting articles in The Mariner’s Mirror archive on Samuel Cunard and the early history of the liners  which are well worth reading, and another collection on nineteenth century ocean liners and passenger craft.  A key moment in the history of the Cunard Line was the competition between the Queen Mary and Normandie which can be explored in an important 1984 article and watched on the following video.

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