The Mariner’s Mirror Podcast

October 2020

We are delighted to announce that the Society has just launched a podcast – The Mariner’s Mirror Podcast. We have some fantastic partners lined up to work with in the coming months. The podcast is presented by the historian Sam Willis.

The podcast will

  • Increase public awareness of maritime history and its importance to the modern world, bringing it to a global audience.
  • Provide a global platform for archives and museums to bring attention to their collections.
  • Create opportunities for institutions to work with external partners by bringing people together in a new social network.
  • Expose listeners to primary sources allowing them to directly engage with history.
  • Create opportunities for citizen historians to get involved by sourcing material for podcasts.
  • Provide opportunities for those in education to gain experience of working in archives or in the media, increasing employability with a knock-on positive economic effect for the history and heritage industries.

Current institutions working with us on episodes are The National Maritime Museum of Australia; HMS Victory; ss Great Britain and the Brunel Institute; The Museo Istorico Navale of Venice; The Uk’s National Historic Ships Committee; the Hudson River Museum; Mystic Seaport Museum; the Nautical Archaeology Society; the Citizan project; the Mary Rose. Numerous historians and heritage professional have also committed their interest and time. The Society is dedicated to making this the no.1 podcast dedicated to ALL of maritime history.

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