Upcoming Conferences and Seminars at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

February 2015

Monday, 9 March

Exotic anatomies: Stubbs, Banks and the cultures of Natural History

Considering the interrelationship between Stubbs, Banks, Cook and the Hunter brothers, this symposium will place Stubbs’s kangaroo at the centre of a number of burgeoning cultures of natural history in 18th-century London. From the gentleman-scholar’s fashionable home, to the practical and controversial space of the anatomy theatre, to the hyperbolic public entertainment, the kangaroo brought a new ‘exoticism’ to natural history.


Saturday, 25 April

The Naval Dockyard Society AGM and conference: The Royal Dockyards and the pressures of Global War, 1793–1815

The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars placed the royal dockyards, both home and overseas, under unprecedented strain. A huge increase in workload necessitated greatly expanded workforces, the adoption of new technologies and working methods, and a series of contentious reforms and counter-reforms. Papers will evaluate the effectiveness of the dockyards’ work, and the nature and scale of the work carried out.


Friday and Saturday, 24-25 July 

The emergence of a maritime nation: Britain in the Tudor and Stuart Age, 1485–1714

The Tudor and Stuart Age saw England, and later Britain, emerge as one of Europe’s major maritime and naval powers, in the process transforming its trade, culture, politics, financial structures, society and self-image. The National Maritime Museum will, over the next few years, begin to explore this rich and complex period. In November 2015, the Museum will open a major exhibition centring on Samuel Pepys; looking further forward, a permanent gallery on Tudor and Stuart seafarers will open in 2018. In advance of these offerings, this conference aims to bring together scholars from the broadest possible range of perspectives to consider Britain’s relationship with the sea in the early modern era.


January to April

British Maritime History Seminars at the IHR

The annual series of seminars convened by the National Maritime Museum and held at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR). Seminars start at 17.15 and are free of charge. For more information and abstracts please visit our website or e-mail research@rmg.co.uk

· 10 February – Learning to lead: the Admiralty and Pacific exploration in the long 18th century – Katherine Parker, University of Pittsburgh

· 24 February – Innovative bureaucracies: medicine in the French and British navies – Erica Charters, University of Oxford

· 10 March – The Provincial Marine clears the decks: Britain’s forgotten colonial navy preparing for war, 1792-1812 – Ian Stafford, independent historian

· 24 March – ‘Piratical States’: British imperialism in the Indian Ocean world – Simon Layton, University of Cambridge

· 7 April – War captivity in the 18th century: Britain and France – Renaud Morieux, University of Cambridge


January to December

Staff Seminars

In addition to the above conferences and seminars we also have an annual programme of staff seminars delivered by staff members and research fellows. These generally take place at 16.00 on the last Wednesday of every month.


For more information on any of these seminars please call 020 8312 6716 or e-mail research @rmg.co.uk


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