Vikings Raid National Maritime Museum Cornwall!

March 2015

A band of ferocious Vikings raided the launch of the new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall. See for yourself….

The major new exhibition, which runs until 2017, features nationally and internationally historically significant artefacts, explores what is behind the popular myth of the bloodthirsty raiders and shows how their mastery of maritime technology was the secret to their success.

Richard Doughty, Director of National Maritime Museum Cornwall says: ‘It is enormously exciting for National Maritime Museum Cornwall to be bringing the Vikings to Falmouth and hosting historically significant artefacts, in what is undoubtedly our most important exhibition to date. The Museum’s legacy of award winning work has now afforded us the opportunity to access national and international collections, securing loans with major partner Museums, and offering Cornwall and the South West a unique first in being able to see these items outside of these national and international institutions.’

To explore the context, read the numerous articles on Viking history published in The Mariner’s Mirror here.

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