Note: Time to Talk Turkey: The British Naval and German military missions to the Ottoman Empire in 1912–14

By Toby Ewin, published August 2023


From December 1908 until autumn 1914, the British Naval Mission to the Ottoman empire worked ‘strenuously, though for the most part futilely’ to encourage improvements in their host’s navy.Footnote1 The officers in charge of this mission were in turn Rear-Admirals Douglas Gamble (1909–10), Hugh Pigot Williams (1910– 12) and Arthur Henry Limpus (1912–14).Footnote2 Recognizing the Ottoman navy’s limitations in funding, maintenance and skilled personnel, they focused on improving training and general efficiency, and recommended that the Turks acquire smaller ships such as destroyers, cruisers, or small battleships. Ottoman leaders however often preferred to focus on first-class battleships, regardless of their navy’s ability to operate or maintain them…

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Subjects include: Navies | Ship Handling & Seamanship | Strategy & Diplomacy

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