Old Methods Versus New: a Comparison of Very Large Crude Carrier Construction at Scott Lithgow and Hyundai Heavy Industries, 1970-1977

By J. Y. Kang, Song Kim, Hugh Murphy & Stig Tenold, published November 2015


This article compares and contrasts Very Large Crude Carrier shipbuilding at Scott Lithgow’s Glen shipyard, Port Glasgow, Scotland and Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard, Ulsan, South Korea, initially to the same design, and VLCC shipbuilding in the United Kingdom, 1970–77 in general, at the two other United Kingdom shipyards capable of constructing VLCCs, Swan Hunter on Tyneside and Harland & Wolff in Belfast. It also discusses the collapse of the British shipbuilding industry’s major customer for VLCCs, Maritime Fruit Carriers.

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Filed under: Other (Twentieth C) | Other (location)
Subjects include: Merchant Marines | Shipbuilding & Design

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