Operations of the Russian Navy during the Reign of Napoleon I

By Lieut.-Commander Robert W. Daly, United States Coastguard Reserve, published August 1948



This paper outlines the operations of the Russian Navy, mostly in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas, against French and Turkish Fleets. The author describes a number of campaigns waged by the Russian Admiral Seniavin, including the Dalmatian coast, the Turkish islands and the battle of Lemnos. A further attempt to drive the French out of Dalmatia came to nothing when the Tilsit agreement between the Russians and the French resulted in Senevin handing Cattaro (Kotor) to General Marmot without a shot being fired. The final section addresses Russian activity in the Baltic, as allies of the French.

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Filed under: Napoleonic War | Baltic | Mediterranean
Subjects include: Navies

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