Pellew and the Departure of the Bantry Expedition

By W.G. Perrin, published June 1920


It had been known for some months that a military expeditionary force was being organised in Brest under General Hoche and there was great uncertainty as to its probable destination; India, the West Indies, Ireland and Portugal were all possible. The Indefatigable” carried lights at each masthead and topsail yardarms, fired guns, burnt blue lights and threw up rockets occasionally,:’ nothing was sighted, for the weather was very thick. The fog, so heartily damned by Wolf Tone, who was with the French expedition, rendered Pellew’s search fruitless. Pellew had “almost a conviction” at this time that the French were gone to Portugal.

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Subjects include: Archaeology | Harbours & Dockyards | Navies

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