Sea Monsters Part 1: The Analysis

Monday May 27, 2024

In this episode we hear about the extraordinary and long history ... Read More

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Maritime Scarborough

Tuesday November 21, 2023

This episode looks at the extraordinary maritime history of Scarb... Read More

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The Pearling Lugger Penguin: Maritime Australia 7

Thursday June 15, 2023

The pearling industry was one of northern Australia’s major in... Read More

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Fishermen Vs U-Boats: Harry Tate’s Navy

Monday February 6, 2023

During the First and Second World Wars British fishing trawlers w... Read More

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Maritime Africa 5: The World Heritage Sites of Songo Mnara and Kilwa Kisiwani

Tuesday January 17, 2023

We continue our mini-series on maritime Africa with an episode on... Read More

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Maritime Africa 3: African Whaling

Wednesday November 23, 2022

Our third episode dedicated to the maritime history of Africa. We... Read More

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Maritime Africa: African Canoemen

Friday October 28, 2022

This begins a handful of episodes that will explore the maritime ... Read More

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Monday October 10, 2022

Fishwives were a remarkable group of women who were involved with... Read More

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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner II: The Lessons From The Past

Thursday September 1, 2022

This is the second episode dedicated to that maritime masterpiece... Read More

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Is Britain Still a Global Power?

Monday September 6, 2021

As a follow up to our recent interview with The First Sea Lord ex... Read More

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