Dressed to Kill: A History of Naval Uniform

Wednesday June 15, 2022

What did people wear in naval battles and why? The adoption, styl... Read More

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Mermaids and Sirens: Maritime Myths and Legends

Wednesday May 18, 2022

Folklore, myths and legends relating to the sea have existed for ... Read More

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The National Maritime Museum’s new photography exhibition – ‘Exposure: Lives at Sea’

Monday November 30, 2020

Dr Sam Willis visits the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, L... Read More

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Lost Maps of the Spanish Armada

Friday November 20, 2020

Ten hand-drawn maps of the Spanish Armada have surfaced in London... Read More

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Turner's Amazing Maritime Art

Turner’s Amazing Maritime Art

Friday November 6, 2020

Dr Sam Willis heads to the new JMW Turner exhibition at the Tate ... Read More

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