Ralegh’s Orders Once More

By Helen E Sandison , published August 1934


Ralegh’s order mentioned in Hannay’s article MM 1913, published 1618, ‘godly, severe, and martial government’, while Sir Julian Cobbett looks at MS Stowe 426 which draws on earlier Elizabethan principles. Stowe includes ‘Observation of a Sea Fight’ written by Sir Arthur Gorges, who wrote later revised copy MS Lansdowne 213. Gorges cousin and captain of Ralegh’s Warspite to Azores 15971617 Editing the book 1-16 order reverted to1579. Sir Arthur Gorges and scribe shaped; 1, Observations, applicable to the Spanish alarms of 1618, 2, orders 1-16 had little relevance in 1619. Gorges defaced original copy and confuses scribe who somehow increases number of orders to 39. Additional material not from the original, some dated back to 1588. Ralegh on deathbed had intended to publish treatise “of the art of war at sea” , left an outline to be tidied and presented to the High Admiral Buckingham, Gorges completed what had been intended. 16 orders printed in full ‘Forme of order and directions to be given by an Admiral conducting a fleet’.

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Subjects include: Ship Handling & Seamanship

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