Some Remarks on “Mr Midshipman Easy” with Particular Reference to Malta

By H.S. Vaughan, published August 1920


It may be taking Marryat’s tale too seriously to ask whether his famous novel is a consistent narrative relating to a period of time, or whether it is merely a compilation of jolly yarns chronologically unrelated. There is no mistaking the identity of Sir Thomas Maitland as the bluff but genial old Governor, “Old Tom”, but his reign in command at Malta began in 1813 and makes the rest of the chronology difficult to fit in. A consideration of the events in the novel suggests that liberties have been taken with chronology, and also with the location of the Malta cooperage at the time when the famous triangular duel was meant to be fought there.  There is discussion of differences between actual events and the fictional account. The persons mentioned in the fictional account were not there at the times given. It seems impossible that there was a Maltese privateer at the time given.

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