2019 Prof. Evan Mawdsley

We are delighted to announce that, out of all the various nominations, the prestigious Anderson Medal, for the best maritime non-fiction book of 2019 has been awarded to Professor Evan Mawdsley for his book The War for the Seas: A Maritime History of World War II. The judging panel felt that:

Unlike some similar books that overly concentrate on operations, the author puts these matters into the overall strategic and economic context with the result being that it is  ‘the first fully integrated account of a truly global dimension to the war’. They believed it to be a landmark work for which its author is to be congratulated. It is the best of its kind and should be acquired by anyone interested in the subject, a most worthy award winner.  

It is hoped that the medal can be presented to Evan Mawdsley at some stage during 2021 with, perhaps, a ceremony at the National Maritime Museum followed by a lecture, given by the author, and a short reception afterwards. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, we are unable to make any definite arrangements at present but details will be announced as soon as possible.