Publications and Membership Committee

The Publications and Membership Committee oversees all aspects of the SNR’s The Mariner’s Mirror, our quarterly newsletter, Topmasts, and any occasional and joint publications. The committee is responsible for the SNR website, social media channels and other digital content developed to publicise the goals of the Society. Publications Committee, through Topmasts’ Editor, appoints and liaises with SNR Overseas Corresponding Members.
 The Committee also oversees membership liaison, retention and recruitment.

Lorna M. Campbell, MA (Hons), CMALT – Chair, Publications Committee

Lorna M. Campbell has an academic background in Archaeology and twenty years experience working in the domain of open education technology and interoperability standards.  She currently works in the Learning Teaching and Web Division at the University of Edinburgh.  Lorna blogs regularly on a wide range of topics relating to open education, technology and history and advises on the use of social media to amplify academic events and initiatives.  Lorna is an independent scholar undertaking a research project on the 1797 crew of HMS Indefatigable.  Her book, Hornblower’s Historical Shipmates: The Young Gentlemen of Pellew’s Indefatigable, was published in 2016.  She writes occasionally for the Port Towns and Urban Cultures research group and was one of the organisers of the 2016 Maritime Masculinities conference.  In addition to chairing the Publications Committee, Lorna serves as a member of Council of the Society for Nautical Research.  She is also a Trustee of the Association for Learning Technology and Wikimedia UK.


Cathryn Pearce, MEd, MA, PhD, FHEA, FRHistS – Secretary, Publications Committee

Cathryn Pearce teaches maritime and naval history at the Universities of Greenwich and Portsmouth, after having taught at the University of Alaska Anchorage for fifteen years. She holds an MA in History with a Maritime History emphasis from the University of Victoria (Canada) and a PhD in Maritime History from the University of Greenwich. She serves on the founding committee for Greenwich Maritime Centre; as editor for the online, refereed journal Troze for the National Maritime Museum Cornwall; and as Chair of the British Commission for Maritime History. Additionally, she is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Higher Education Academy. She joined SNR in 2000, becoming a Member of Council and Secretary of the Publications Committee in 2010. She is also on The Mariner’s Mirror Editorial Board and a member of the Navy Records Society. Her book Cornish Wrecking: Reality and Popular Myth, 1700-1860 (2010) led to several TV documentary and radio appearances. She is currently publishing on the history of shipwreck, coastal communities and lifesaving.


Martin Bellamy, BSc, PhD, FSNR – Hon. Editor, The Mariner’s Mirror

Martin Bellamy originally trained as a naval architect and worked at the Belfast shipyard of Harland & Wolff. He subsequently took up a career in museums and is currently the Research and Curatorial Manager at Glasgow Museums. He has a PhD in history from the University of Glasgow where he also serves as an Honorary Teaching Fellow. He has written a number of books and articles on cultural aspects of shipping and shipbuilding, including The Golden Years of the Anchor Line (Glasgow 2011), Christian IV’s Navy: A Political and Administrative History of the Danish Navy 1596-1648 (Leiden & Boston, 2006) and The Shipbuilders: An Anthology of Scottish Shipyard Life (Edinburgh, 2001). He has been a member of the SNR since 1991. He has been a member of the editorial board of The Mariner’s Mirror since 2006, was Reviews Editor from 2010 -2013 and Honorary Editor since 2013.


Nigel Blanchford– Editor, Topmasts

Nigel Blanchford is retired, having worked for ten years as a Development Officer for the Heritage Lottery Fund, mostly in the East of England. Before that he was a Local Government Officer, having worked for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough in community education. He has a life-long engagement with the Royal Navy, as the son of a serving Engineer Officer, as a serving officer (for a very short period), and through other close family links. He also worked for the Decca Navigator and Survey Companies, on what was in those days high accuracy position fixing equipment for the offshore industries and European navies. He joined SNR in 2010 and was one of Hon Secretary Byrne McLeod’s team of abstract writers before taking the job of Editor of Topmasts at the end of 2014. He has a wide interest in maritime matters.


James Davey, M.St, PhD

James Davey is Lecturer in Naval and Maritime History at the University of Exeter. He holds degrees from King’s College London and the University of Oxford, and completed his PhD at the University of Greenwich in 2010. He was Curator of Naval History at the National Maritime Museum and has held honorary/visiting lectureships at University College London, the University of Leicester and the University of Greenwich. James’ research focusses on the history of the Royal Navy in a variety of political, economic and cultural contexts. He is the author of The Transformation of British Naval Strategy: Seapower and Supply in Northern Europe 1808-1812 (2012) and In Nelson’s Wake: The Navy and the Napoleonic Wars (2015). In 2015 he was awarded the Jan Glete Prize by the Swedish Society for Maritime History. James is an editor of the Journal for Maritime Research and a Council member of the Navy Records Society. He has served on the Council of the Society for Nautical Research since 2011, and joined the Publications Committee in 2014.


Robert Gardiner, FSNR

Robert Gardiner has been a publisher of specialist maritime books for the whole of his working life. In a career spanning forty years he has been responsible for producing over 800 titles, ranging from the academic to the popular and covering the whole spectrum of maritime history. He has been a member of the SNR since his student days, is a past Councillor of the Society, and has served on the Publications Committee for twenty years. As might be expected given his day job, he has some interest in almost all aspects of maritime history, although his particular passion is the Royal Navy in the age of sail, about which he has written five books.


Steven Gray, MA, PhD, FRGS – Book Reviews Editor, The Mariner’s Mirror

 Steven Gray is currently Lecturer in the History of the Royal Navy at the University of Portsmouth. His research focuses on British imperial, maritime, transnational, global and transoceanic history. He is particularly interested in the material infrastructures of global networks, and how these facilitated the mobility of goods, people, militaries and empires. His monograph, Steam Power and Sea Power: Coal, the Royal Navy, and the British Empire, c. 1870-1914 (Palgrave, 2017), assesses how the expansion of a steam-powered Royal Navy in the second half of the nineteenth century had wider ramifications across the British Empire. He has also published in the Journal of Historical Geography, The Mariner’s Mirror, Atlantic History, and the Trafalgar Chronicle. Forthcoming research includes articles analysing the role of ship mascots, and the imperial mobility of sailors. He is also co-editing a volume of new perspectives on Welsh industrial history. He is a member of the Port Towns and Urban Cultures research group, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a council member for the Naval Records Society.


Eric Grove, MA, PhD, FRHistS, FSNR – SNR Vice President

Eric Grove became a civilian lecturer at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in 1971 and left at the end of 1984 as Deputy Head of Strategic Studies. He taught at The Royal Naval College Greenwich and the University of Cambridge and founded Russia-UK-US naval discussions. In 1993 he joined the University of Hull where he became Reader in Politics and International Studies and Director of the Centre for Security Studies. In 2005 Dr Grove moved to the University of Salford where he became Professor of Naval History and Director of the Centre for International Security and War Studies. In 2013 he joined Liverpool Hope University but retired in 2015 and is now an independent naval historian, maritime strategist and international security analyst. His many books include: Vanguard to Trident, the standard work on post-1945 British naval policy, and The Royal Navy Since 1815. Professor Grove is a Vice President and Fellow of the Society for Nautical Research and a member of Council of the Navy Records Society. He frequently appears on radio and television as a commentator on naval, defence and security issues, past and present.


Richard Harding, PhD, PGCert.Ed., FRHistS, FSNR – SNR Vice-President

Richard Harding is Professor of Organisational History at the University of Westminster.  He was editor of the The Mariner’s Mirror (2001-2005) and Chairman of the SNR (2006-2011).  His particular research interests include amphibious operations, inter-service relationships and the development of navies and naval power.  He is author of Seapower and Naval Warfare (Routledge, 1999), The Emergence of Britain’s Global Naval Supremacy (Boydell and Brewer, 2010) and Modern Naval History: Debates and Perspectives (Bloomsbury, 2016).  He is also currently on the Council of the Navy Records Society and a trustee for the British Commission for Maritime History.


Christopher Holt, PGCert, MSc, PhD, FRGS

Christopher is a senior lecturer in physical geography, specialising in water, climate and hazards, at the University of Northampton.   He is involved in the international agenda of the University, supporting teaching and developing research links in a number of countries.  He joined the SNR in 2005 and was part of the 2010 Way Ahead Group, before becoming a Member of Council in the following year.  Christopher is currently in his second term on Council.  In 2015 he became a member of the Publications Committee.  He has an interest in the nautical exploration, the Royal Navy (1700s -1960s), and commercial shipping.


Derek Law, MA, D.Phil, FIInfoS, FLA, FKC, FSNR – SNR Vice-President

Derek Law worked in universities for some forty years and is an Emeritus Professor of Informatics at the University of Strathclyde. He has been a member of the Navy Records Society and of the SNR for several decades and is at present a vice-president of both. He was Hon. Secretary of the SNR in the 1990s and has served on a number of its committees and working groups.  He is a Fellow of both the SNR and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He specialises in the bibliography and historiography of the Royal Navy in the Second World War and is author of The Royal Navy in World War II: an Annotated Bibliography. This bibliography is constantly updated and is now available online at the University of Exeter Centre for Maritime Historical Studies.


Katherine Parker, MA, PhD, FRGS

Katie Parker received her PhD in 2016 from the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently revising her dissertation, on the creation of Pacific geographic knowledge by the Royal Navy in the century prior to the voyages of Cook, for publication. She has published articles in Terrae Incognitae and The Trafalgar Chronicle, as well as co-edited a special issue of the Journal for Maritime Research with the theme of gendering the maritime world. She is currently serving as the Research Officer for Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps and is Administrative Editor of the Hakluyt Society. She joined the SNR as a student member during her PhD research and is new to Council in 2017.


Lt Commander Lawrence Phillips, RD, TD, RNR, FSNR – SNR Vice-President

Lawrie Phillips was a media specialist with the armed forces. He was Head of Publicity in the Ministry of Defence, Fleet PR Officer on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief Fleet and the first Head of Media Operations at the Permanent Joint HQ at Northwood. He served all over the world including Northern Ireland, in the Far East based in Hong Kong and in the Balkans during the Bosnian civil war. He has been a member of the Navy Records Society and of the SNR for fifty-five years and is a vice-president of both. He was Hon. Secretary of the SNR in the 1980s. Lawrie is a former Lieutenant-Commander RNR and Lieutenant-Colonel Royal Engineers. He is author of The Royal Navy Day by Day, the RN’s standard naval history reference book issued to all HM ships and establishments (new edition imminent). His recent book, Pembroke Dockyard and the Old Navy, reflects his Pembrokeshire roots.


Martin Wilcox, MA, PhD

Martin Wilcox completed a BA in History at the University of Durham and MA and PhD at the University of Hull.  From 2006 to 2014 he was postdoctoral fellow at Greenwich Maritime Institute before re-joining the University of Hull, where he is Lecturer in History.  His research interests include maritime labour and business, naval logistics and the history of fisheries.  He is co-author (with Roger Knight) of Sustaining the Fleet 1793-1815: War, the British Navy and the Contractor State (Boydell & Brewer, 2010).  He is reviews editor of the International Journal of Maritime History, a member of the Council of the Navy Records Society, and joined the Publications Committee of the SNR in 2015.