Review:- ‘British Submarines in the Cold War Era, by N. Friedman

By Duncan Connors, published May 2022


Thirty years ago, an elderly man frequented a wine shop owned by the reviewer’s mother. From the Second World War up until a final tour on HMS Valiant 1970 he was an officer in the submarine branch. Upon receiving British Submarines in the Cold War Era by Norman Friedman, the reviewer was reminded of a comment the old submariner made many years ago, ‘The difference between a diesel sub and a nuclear one is immense. A submarine today is closer to the Starship Enterprise than Das Boot!’ This quote sums up an era when the role of Royal Naval submariner changed beyond recognition, and forms the subject matter of Friedman’s intelligent and erudite work…

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Filed under: Post WW2
Subjects include: Strategy & Diplomacy | Submarines

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