Review: ‘Chasing the Bounty: The voyages of the ‘Pandora’ and ‘Matavy’ ‘ by D. A. Maxton (ed.)

By Callum Easton, published August 2023


In this lively and engaging book, Donald A. Maxton draws welcome attention to the oft-forgotten postscript to the infamous Bounty mutiny and clearly conveys that, in terms of drama, peril, and human endurance, the ordeal of the men of the Pandora and Matavy rivals anything faced by Captain Bligh, Fletcher Christian, or their shipmates. The frigate Pandora, commanded by Captain Edward Edwards, was tasked with tracking down the Bounty and its mutinous crew. The Matavy was a small cutter built by several of the Bounty mutineers but then pressed into service as a tender for Pandora to aid in their search, and which underwent its own traumatic adventures…

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Filed under: Mutiny & Discipline | Other (Eighteenth C) | Pacific
Subjects include: Administration | Biography

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