Review: ‘The Overseas Trade of British America: A narrative history’ by T. M. Truxes

By Jeremy Land, published August 2023


Building on the foundation of his long career of studying colonial North American trade and its economy, Thomas Truxes provides a sweeping, long-run narrative of the maritime trade of British America up until the advent of independence for the United States of America. Looking to explicate the origins, development, and significance of British America in the history the eighteenth century, the author centers the narrative on the many currents, peaks, and valleys that defined the commerce of colonial North America and the British Caribbean, making clear that neither could have been successful without the other. Ultimately, Truxes concludes the narrative where he begins: British America and what much of it becomes (the United States of America) could not have become prosperous without the overseas trade that defined and shaped the early modern Atlantic…

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Filed under: Tudors | Seven Years’ War | American Revolution | American Civil War
Subjects include: Administration | Merchant Marines | Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers | Strategy & Diplomacy

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