Review : ‘The Power and the Glory: Royal Navy Fleet Reviews from earliest times to 2005’ by S. Dunn,

By David Bowen, published June 2023


For the purposes of this book the author defines a Royal Navy Fleet Review as ‘a gathering of ships of the Royal Navy in honour of, and to be observed by, the reigning monarch or his or her representative,’ and he identifies 54 such reviews from 1346 to 2005. In describing each of these and moreover their historical, political and social contexts, we are presented with what is, in effect, a concise history of the Royal Navy. But this is far more than just another such; choosing naval reviews as a unifying theme, the author has created a refreshing, revealing, wholly engaging and worthwhile book…

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Filed under: Popular Topics
Subjects include: Administration | Ship Handling & Seamanship | Weapons

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