Review: ‘Elizabeth’s Navy: Seventy years of the postwar Royal Navy’ by P. Brown:’

By P.Brown, published August 2023


This handsome book has been published following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and sets out to describe the Royal Navy during the 70 years of her reign both visually and in words. It is arranged chronologically, with each chapter broadly covering a decade. The first part of every chapter gives a short six- to nine-page history of the Royal Navy during the period in question, while the second part consists of numerous, mostly full-page, photographs of warships or auxiliaries accompanied by generous captions describing the vessels depicted. The book sets out to be a photographic record of ships, submarines and other craft as well as a concise history of the Royal Navy during the reign of the late monarch. How successfully therefore, does the book fulfill these two objectives and how well does it work as a single cohesive volume?…

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Filed under: Other (Twentieth C)
Subjects include: Navies

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