The Royal Sovereign of 1637 Part I

By R.C. Anderson, published April 1913


The Sovereign, Sovereign Royal, Royal Sovereign or Sovereign of the Seas, to give her name in its four variations, was launched at Woolwich, in 1637, having been built by Peter Pett. There are in existence quite a number of representations of ships purporting to be the first Royal Sovereign, the ship of 1637. A painting at Trinity House, formerly at Blackwall Yard and the stern-view in the picture in the National Portrait Gallery, formerly described as a portrait of Phineas Pett, by Dobson. Besides these there is another drawing with the legend, “Stem of the First Royal Sovereign,” and finally a model; both of these are at Greenwich Museum.

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Subjects include: Art & Music | Harbours & Dockyards | Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Shipbuilding & Design

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