The Settee Cut: Mediterranean Passes Issued at Gibraltar

By T Benady, published August 2001


In the 17th century increasing English trade in the Mediterranean brought large numbers of merchant vessels within reach of the Barbary Corsairs. From 1621 a number of expeditions were sent to challenge the Corsairs and to enforce treaties with them. Under these treaties passes were issued to British ships requiring free passage of ships and cargoes. Details are also given of the issue of passes issues in Gibraltar for local traders, together with some of the issues relating to the enforcing of the conditions of the passes, the capture of vessels with valid passes, the misuse of passes and the return of the income to the Treasury.

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Filed under: Other (Early Modern) | Mediterranean | Other (Nineteenth C) | Other (Eighteenth C)
Subjects include: Merchant Marines | Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers

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