Ship-paintings in the Alhambra

By R.C. Anderson, published February 1965


The Alhambra at Granada houses a series of wall-paintings which consist of eight sea-pieces with a great number of ships of all kinds in each. As the work of one Alexander Mayner, these paintings are devoted to the expedition of Charles V to Tunis in 1535. These paintings depict those ships built between 1523 and 1534, which were used as fighting vessels in the Mediterranean. The paper, from different points of view, seeks to elaborate the background, characteristics and identifications of these paintings. By studying the drawings, it also illustrates some marked features of these sailing ships, including the shape of their bows, square sterns and their rigs.

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Filed under: Tudors | Mediterranean
Subjects include: Ship Models & Figureheads | Shipbuilding & Design

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