Shipbuilding at Sheerness: the Period 1750-1802

By F. Fellowes, published February 1974


The Royal Dockyard was laid out in 1665 to enable cleaning and repair work at the mouth of the Medway but from 1690 on was also used for ship-building and at one point for experiments in remedies to counter the teredo worm. The article gives considerable details of 17 ships launched between 1757 and 1802 including four 32 guns frigates and six third and fourth rate ships of the line. The organisation and staffing of the yard, its supervision by the Admiralty and the difficulties in obtaining pre-fashioned parts and other materials are explained. The yard remained small partly because of the limited depths and the reliance on imported fresh water.

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Filed under: North Sea | Other (Eighteenth C)
Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards

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