Some Ships of 1541-2

By R. Morton Nance, published December 1921


In a series of pen drawings, reproduced from the originals that decorate a dated plan of Calais, which at first glance show promise, we are left, on much closer examination, with drawings that lack the details portrayed by an artist with sea going experience. To the nautically curious mind and eye the artist’s vigorous, straight forward style lacks the valuable important detail. Inboard details of the ship and vital parts of the rigging are missing; planking details are shaded out and misleading as conclusive evidence from the time shows that planks ran in the opposite direction to those shown. Taken as a whole however, these pictures, whilst lacking in information, are of excellent pen work style and they are worthy of being put on record.

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Filed under: English Channel | Other (Early Modern)
Subjects include: Art & Music | Harbours & Dockyards | Shipbuilding & Design

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