Sir John Kempthorne and his Sons

By G.A. Kempthorne, published August 1926


John Kempthorne moved from the merchant marine to royal service after the Restoration. By 1665 he was flag captain to Rupert at the Battle of Lowestoft, after which he was promoted to flag rank. After taking part in the major battles of the second Dutch War, he was knighted after a battle with seven Algerine ships. After the third Dutch War, during which he was wounded at the Battle of the Texel, he became Resident Commissioner at Portsmouth. His three sons all served in the Royal Navy. John, the eldest, then joined the East India Company, dying in 1692. The second, Morgan, became captain of a 42-gun ship but was killed in battle in 1681. The third, Rupert, seems to have been a complete contrast, an unpleasant captain who was killed in a tavern brawl in 1692.

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