Small Craft at the Science Museum

By G.S. Laird Clowes, published August 1933


From an historical point of view, the most detailed of the small-craft collections at the Science Museum is that of the yacht models. This collection starts with a contemporary model of a Stuart Royal Yacht dating from some twelve years after the introduction of yachting into England, at the time of the Restoration. The list of models contains such famous names as the early nineteenth-century cutters, Pearl Alarm and Mosquito, the schooner America, and the yawl Jullanar of 1875.  The history of the large sailing vessel can be traced in plans, models and paintings. Such sources are seldom available for the smaller fishing and trading vessels and the author feared that over the next generation the local fishing and coastal sailing vessels, designed specifically for the immediate sea area, would disappear and be lost in favour of a ubiquitous motor vessels. The well-made model is the best reference point for understanding these vessels. The Science Museum in London has been collecting models for seventy years and now has one of the best collections. This paper notes the variety of small craft models from overseas and around Britain in this collection.

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