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Hello Charlie

David Brown’s’The Grand Fleet’ has a short section on CMBs and cites the following which may be useful re Thorneycroft:
K C Barnaby, 100 years of Specialised Shipbuilding and Engineering (London 1964) which Brown says is largely based on a company booklet : A Short History of the Revival of the Small Torpedo Boat During the Great War’ (London 1918)

Brassey’s 1913 edition has an interesting section covering the weight reduction of machinery including in TBDs pp114-121. At p116 there is a discussion on the use of internal combustion engines in destroyers .

Dittmar and Colledge’s ‘British Warships 1914-1919’ pp137-140 has a list of CMBs giving: armament, engine type and output, name, MB no. Date completed, builder and fate.