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Frank Scott

cannot help on the archives, but from another topic Dr Paul Adamthwaite of the MarHst-L forum came up with this:

His French reputation, either prior to his enforced ‘emigration’ to England as a Royalist in 1793, or after his eventual return to France in 1815, is a little more obscure. However there is a fairly detailed article in Provence historique, 12th series, Vol 3, pp.40-148, by Emmanuel David: ‘Un toulonnais, Jean-Louis Barrallier, ingénieur de la marine, constructeur d’un port et de vaisseaux anglais (1751-1834)’. This rather confirms that his reputation was more as an ‘engineer’ than a naval architect, but he was taken on as Directeur des Constructions Navales at Toulon on 7 December 1815.