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Andrew Bond

    Now that’s really interesting but I’m now beginning to wonder if the problem was not roll but pitch which, perhaps, is better implied by “stoop”. Shortly after Quilliam took over and just two days after she left Plymouth, the log describes her, in a squall as “plunging and the Bowsprit and Foremast working very much. got the Runners & Tackles up for the better security of the same.”

    When she got back to Plymouth about a month later the log records that they “struck the mizen topmast got sheers up and shifted the mizen mast to alter the step.” Would that be an attempt to reduce the “plunging” and/or the tendency to “stoop to her canvas”?

    Quilliam’s extra planking suggestion came when she returned to Plymouth again in November 1808 having struck an uncharted sunken rock off Ile de Groix. Although she went into dock and then came out again quite quickly, she was then paid off and doesn’t seem to have gone to sea again before the large repair of 1811.

    Quilliam may well have known more about what he was talking about than the average captain, given that he worked in the dockyard himself for six years before he went to sea.