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Sam Willis

    Hi Terry

    One of the things that you can do is look into the history of Ice Seamanship, which is both fascinating and almost completely un-researched.

    Here are a couple of modern ones which may well have insights:

    Ice seamanship / by George Q. Parnell.
    George Q. Parnell
    London : Nautical Institute, [1986]

    Handling ships in ice : a practical guide to handling class 1A and 1AS ships / by Johan Buyssse [i.e. Buysse].
    Johan Buysse
    London : Nautical Institute, 2007.

    Polar ship operations : a practical guide / by Duke Snider.
    Duke Snider, (Ship captain)
    London : Nautical Institute, c2012.

    And an older one:
    Navigation of Hudson Bay and Straits / by Charles N. Bell.
    Charles N. Bell, (Charles Napier), 1854-1936.
    Winnipeg : Manitoba Daily Free Press, 1883.

    Good Luck!