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Alexandre Solka

    Dear Mr Willis,

    In complement to all the above mentioned useful references, I would just like to present a few other interesting elements.

    The first one is from J. H. Craine, Ship Modelling Hints And Tips, Chapter eleven, “Helpful hints on earlier davits”

    The entire chapter is very useful but the most interesting relevant passage is the following:
    “There is one type of davit I must not forget. They were fixed and built in the ship and were in use in the seventeenth century, and, perhaps earlier. I refer to the davits over the stern or counter. They were a special feature of eighteenth century ships and during the Napoleonic Wars these were the only type of davits depicted on paintings, sketches and the contemporary models.”

    Secondly, you may also find useful information in this publication: John Leather, The Gaff Rig Handbook: History, Design, Techniques, Developments, especially
    pages 207-208, suggesting a Danish connection.

    Finally, speaking about Peter Goodwin, you may have a look at his publication “HMS Victory Pocket Manual 1805: Admiral Nelson’s Flagship At Trafalgar”, page 86,
    “Using the quarter davits”

    Also there you may find very interesting details. I wish you may have found my small contribution useful to the matter.

    I thank you for your attention and will look forward discussing further on the subject.

    Sincerely yours,

    Alexandre SolcĂ