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Mark Barton


    I think a element may possibly be true but I don’t think the whole saga is true and which element if any is true who knows. You need some real strange time jumps to get it to be the same sword for both arm loses and the sword that is claimed to be it. I did write quite a section addressing this in British Swords and Swordsmanship. if you are not able to access I can email the argument to you. The recent Kedge Anchor did have how a body still had the sword attached when recovered from the sea so his sword being kept as he was injured I could believe, if my understanding is correct and Nelson’s arm was amputated later on board.

    I personally think that he would have had more than one fighting sword as his career went through, exactly as a fencer would change his sword now as he ages – it was a tool your life depended on.

    Does that help?