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David Hepper

There were other Haddocks, apart from the ones listed by Syrett & DiNardo, in particular two of them who were Captains prior to 1660:
Richard H – grandfather of Sir Richard – held several commands from 1642 and his father was William Haddock who was captain of the ship America in 1651

John Charnock “Biographia Navalis” (London 1794-5) has biographical details of two Admirals:
Sir Richard Haddock (Capt 1666/Admiral 1690) – vol. 1 p229-232 – Charnock states he was the son of William H.
Nicholas Haddock (Capt 1707/Admiral 1734) – vol3 p383-392) – “third son of Sir Richard”

And five Captains post-1660:
Richard Haddock (Capt 1672) – vol.1 p334 – said to be the ‘son of Andrew Haddock, brother to Sir Richard)
Joseph Haddock (Capt 1678) – vol.2 p49 – “the third son of William Haddock” who went on to serve the East India Company (see below)
Richard Haddock (Capt 1695) – vol3 p.103 – “eldest son of Sir Richard H”
William Haddock (Capt 1713) – vol 4 p.44 – no mention of family background
Richard Haddock (Capt 1744) – vol.5 p304 – no mention of family background

Anthony Farrington in “A Biographical Index of East India Company Officers” (London 1999) lists three Haddocks serving the company, but only one Captain, Joseph, ex-Royal Navy:
Joseph Haddock – Captain of the Massingberd 1680-83 / Princess Anne of Denmark 1687-88
He also shows:
Edmund Haddock, served as an officer – but not commanding – East India ships between 1745 and 1760
James Haddock, served as Purser of three East India ships between 1763 and 1770

S & DiN list:
Edward Haddock – Lieut of 1778 – According to Patrick Marioné “The complete Navy List 1793 – 1815” (CD-ROM SEFF 2003) he was “a relative of Admirals Sir Richard and Nicholas Haddock” but gives no authority for this.