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Frank Scott

    More bells information.

    I have confirmed that the HMS Sussex bell is sterling silver (925), and the silver mark is for London, 1928.

    The ‘Town Class’ light cruiser HMS Belfast was built in Belfast, and commissioned in August 1939, but did not gain her silver bell until October 1948. The civic pride in the ship is unsurprising, and in the normal course of events the bell would have been presented on commissioning, however, with war on the horizon it was kept safe ashore until the ship visited Belfast on completion of her post-war refit. The silver bell is still in its rightful place onboard.

    Another unusual bell is that given to the ‘Town Class’ light cruiser HMS Sheffield, which was made of stainless steel, and cast in 1937 by Hadfields Ltd., East Hecla Works, from a pattern lent by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. This bell was presented to Sheffield Cathedral when she decommissioned in 1964, and it hangs there today.