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Sam Willis

We have had a number of replies via our Facebook page:

From Sue Paul:
“Ships of the East India Company” by Rowan Hackman is a suggestion. I was not interested in the 18th century section so I am not sure how much information is given but it is worth a punt. Also “East India Company Ships 1600-1833 by Tony Fuller. In this second book the ships a all together but the information is in tabular format and it should be a quick job to scan through for those trading in China. However, in my experience no list of East India shipping is fully comprehensive or totally accurate.

From Alessandra Garofalo:
A list of the EIC ships 1600-1874 is published in the book “Lords of the East” by Jean Sutton. It’s a good book with lots of other information of the company.

From Peter Nack:
East Indiamen were large vessels in comparison to others in freight trades. In the last half of the 18th into the 19t centuries, they were the size of Line-of-Battle ships, over 1,000 tons. They were well-manned and well-armed, some with over 40 guns. British vessels often used the yellow or white stripe with black gunport pattern of warships, with more “ports” than actually had cannon, to deter attack. ….. Officers got rich not just from their salaries but also for an allowance for “private” trading on their own account. (Seamen did this without sanction.) …..