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Mark P

    Good Morning Michael;

    Further to David’s reply above, I believe that the ‘Slesspool’ seeming word is actually Sternpost. Stern was often spelled Steern or Stearn. Not that this refers to the sternpost of the ship, but to the stern mooring cable being made fast to a post. There is a reference later in the entry to the head post being carried away, and it is after this that the ship drives on shore. So presumably the ship was moored to two posts prior to this incident. Further confirmation of this is the reference to the shore post from which they cut the cables.

    The word ‘Butapost’ is actually Outer part (of the jib-boom) The signal of distress was ‘made’, and I believe that the word after ‘Zephyr’ is ‘Anchors’.

    Afraid I don’t have time to dig further.

    All the best,

    Mark P