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    One of these two bricks ( probably the “Dragon” Liverpool 110 ton privateer brick) was transformed into a sloop-of-war, first in 1781 in France by addition of a third mast and secondly in 1782 in Boston, U.S. by complete rebuilding of its hull, longer and deeper. Its new measures were LOA 100 ‘ BREADTH 23,8 ‘ DEPTH 11,45 ‘ for an estimated burthen of 180 tons corresponding to these measures. In my opinion it couldn’t have been the second one, which already weighed 200 tons before ..transformation if any. Has anyone any informations or suggestions about this?
    According to the 1780 Lloyd’s register of shipping, my first “Dragon” was a 1776 American brigantine built.

    The new “Dragon” from Boston was a French Royal Navy sloop-of-war, last vessel to have been lost by France during the American Independence War (Ha├»ti january 1783).