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David Hepper

From Alexander Falconbridge, An Account of the Slave Trade on the Coast of Africa (London, 1788), on describing the layout of a typical slave ship:
“Near the mainmast a partition is constructed of boards which reaches athwart the ship. This division is called a barricado. It is about eight feet in height and is made to project about two feet over the sides of the ship. In this barricado there is a door at which a sentinel is placed during the time the Negroes are permitted to come upon the deck. It serves to keep the different sexes apart; and as there are small holes in it, where blunderbusses are fixed and sometimes a cannon, it is found very convenient for quelling the insurrections that now and then happen…”

For an example of this, see the log of the slaver Count du Nord, entries for 18 November and 21 November 1783 where the term Barricado is used

For naval uses, see a letter of 1747 which refers to a barricado:

and another from 1786…