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William Lindsay

    Hi Louis, as I mentioned in an earlier reply, I am in the middle of transcribing the diaries for a neighbour, whose forefather was in the Royal Navy on the West Coast of Africa.

    I have just transcribed this. He is writing in 1877 about Fernando Po :-

    “In 1827 the Spanish Government permitted the English to form an establishment for the purpose of supplying provisions and stores to the ships of the Squadron employed in suppressing the slave trade, but about 1843 or 4 in consequence of the extreme unhealthiness of the climate, and also the expressed wishes of the Spanish Government, it was abandoned.”

    He also refers to Lagos:-

    “It was attacked by British forces in December 1851, and being taken, the King was dethroned and another set up, with whom a treaty for the abolition of slave trade was made. Since then legal trade has flourished and in 1870, the value of imports was £400,558 and exports £575,365. In 1871 the revenue was £40,000 derived from customs, dues, crown lands, etc.”

    Not sure whether these are of any use, but here they are anyway.