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David Hepper

    Thomas Lynn was commissioned as a Lieutenant in 1747, although no ship is noted until the following year (1748), when he was appointed to the Cruizer. He subsequently had appointments to the Glory (1755) and Ramillies and Colchester (1755). Appointed Master and Commander in 1756 for the Roehampton.

    [source for above: Royal Navy Officers of the Seven Years War by Cy Harrison (Warwick 2019)]

    As pointed out above, there were no such things as cadets – he would have gone straight to sea. He would have had to pass an examination for Lieutenant, and for this he would have had to specify previous ships, details of his parents etc., but I cannot find that any of these papers [which make up the supporting dos for a passing certificate] have survived for a Thomas Lynn in the 1740s – so the Muster Books, as mentioned by previous contributor, may help