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Frank Scott

    John Langford-Holt was a Lt Cdr (A) RN when elected (against the run of things) as Tory Member for Shrewsbury in the July 1945 General Election. He was a local, and conducted an unusual campaign as he did no electioneering whatsoever (he was away at sea), and specifically stated that if elected he would neither seek nor accept any ministerial office. Somewhat to his surprise he was elected, but remained on active duty for some time after the end of the war, when as he put it, their Lordships eventually indicated that he should make up his mind whether he wanted to do ‘a bit of governing’, or continue in his career as a naval officer. He decided that the peacetime navy was a bit boring, so took up his seat & true to his word remained a backbencher until he retired in 1983. However, he was far from idle, as he was a keen member of many committees, and as a result was knighted in 1962.