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Malcolm Lewis

In 1954 a German circus was stranded in Malta with insufficient funds in the bank to get them to their next booking across the water in Sicily with all their performers and animals. They appealed to the Navy for possible assistance. Admiral Lord Mountbatten was C in C Mediterranean at the time and saw this as a good task for his Amphibious Warfare Squadron which was based in Valletta. LCT 4040, a D-Day veteran was designated, and her “passengers” duly arrived on the dockside, including a bear, several ponies, a caged tiger and two large elephants. The small crew of the LCT rose to the task of welcoming their unusual passengers in true naval fashion and the ship was soon on her way sailing down Grand Harbour and heading out to sea.
Suddenly, as she passed the C in C’s office window, which overlooked the harbour, 4040’s Tannoy blared out the tune “There’s no business like show business!”.