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Stephen B. G


    Just listened to and thoroughly enjoyed the “Iconic Ships” podcast featuring the Cutty Sark. Visited her first in the 1980’s and more recently (March 2019) had a chance to walk through her post-fire. A magnificent ship, and the enclosed drydock and ability to walk along the length of her underbody is fascinating. The commentary by the curators got me thinking of other iconic ships I’ve visited. I was thinking that so far the series has been on British ships, although the Mayflower has a place in both American and British history. There’s what I would consider an iconic ship that is thoroughly American that you might consider featuring, the U.S.S. Constitution, which is preserved and on display in the Charlestown Navy Yard in metro Boston. I realize that for your British and Canadian audience, this vessel might be a sore point. Years ago I had the great fortune of obtaining an original Thomas Birch print of the engagement between the USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere (see attached) at a small antiques shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When I expressed my interest in the print to the Canadian shop owner, she was more than happy to sell it to me–“Good riddance” was her comment. It hangs in my study next to another print from that same war. But, all things considered, the vessel was unique for the day in its design and construction, and in battle earned the moniker “Old Ironsides” for which it is still known, I think it merits the phrase “iconic” at least on this side of the pond.

    Thanks again for the podcast,
    Stephen Glynn